Exploring World Cultures through GigaPan

Stay calm and eat apples...

Campus School world languages teacher, Linda Wallen, discovered that fourth graders are not crazy about conversing in their target language. She found, however, that they were happy to give voice to the rubber ducks that inhabit “Ducky World”. In each of the past three years, students were challenged to immerse themselves in a specific environment where their target language was spoken. This year students explored Fez, Morocco, combining their study of world languages with their creative and engineering skills. Students enhanced this year’s World with the addition of electric circuits to provide lighting to the citizens. GigaPan photography allows the viewer to capture the scope of the construction as well as to explore such delightful surprises as "Garder le calme et manger des pommes."

Garder le calme et manger des pommes.... or Stay Calm and Eat Apples. Scroll around the above GigaPan to find this advice.

Past Ducky Worlds represented Lyon and Orleans, France and Chichicastenengo and Solola, Guatemala. To view them, visit here and here.