Carlow University's 'Do > Happen'

Do > Happen

Building a concept with circuit blocks and language arts

The primary classes of the Campus School were early adopters of the Childrens’ Innovation Project curriculum and circuit block materials. Teachers continued to deepen students’ experience with persistence, observation, and other valuable intangible skills by incorporating themes of the curriculum into students’ daily work.      

When teachers discovered the works of author Herve Tullet, they were inspired to design and adopt various “do > happen” activities utilizing his books.  Montessori kindergarten students first had a read-aloud experience with Press Here, which allowed children to interact with the book and provides opportunities for prediction.  Students then explored the “do > happen’ relationship with an activity with a color mixing using colored pencils. 

The activity wrapped up with students playing the Press Here game!  The game, consisting of patterned game boards and a set of colored dots, asked students to consider where to best place a dot on one of the game boards.  After placing a dot, the child explained how the dot fit where it was placed.  The rest of the students discussed and indicated whether they agreed or disagreed, leading to a group consensus. While playing the game children observed, predicted, and collaborated with one another, while engaging in logical thinking, and using precise language.